EFLM e-seminars 8 modules


Patient with shock and multiorgan failure

Anna Merino     Dec 2016     Open ()
Keywords: multi-organ failure blood cell morphology acute medical emergency

Non-fasting lipid profiles: implications for lipoprotein measurement and reporting

Prof Michel Langlois     Jun 2016     Open ()
Keywords: lipids cholesterol triglycerides

The estimate of measurement uncertainty

Ilenia Infusino     May 2016     Open ()
Keywords: uncertainty of measurement traceability measurement uncertainty

Management of Quality in the Pre-Analytical Phase

Kjell Grankvist     Nov 2015     Open ()
Keywords: preanalytical CLSI guideline audits phlebotomy

Models to set measurement performance requirements

Prof Sverre Sandberg     Oct 2015     Open ()
Keywords: analytical performance specifications Milan hierarchy clinical outcome biological variation state of the art

Harmonization in Laboratory Medicine

Prof Mario Plebani     Mar 2015     Open ()
Keywords: harmonisation harmonization standardisation standardization patient safety analytical phase traceability metrology ISO17511:2003 commutability uncertainty of measurement bone turnover marker

Comprehensive dyslipidemia testing beyond the “good” and “bad” cholesterol

Prof Michel Langlois     Feb 2015     Open ()
Keywords: dyslipidaemia guidelines total cholesterol triglycerides HDL-C LDL-C VLDL-C Apo B Lipoprotein(a) lipid profiling non-fasting lipid profiles metabolic syndrome

Bias in Clinical Chemistry

Prof Elvar Theodorsson     Dec 2014     Open ()
Keywords: bias systematic error accuracy uncertainty of measurement trueness