AACB Webinars 28 modules

The Australasian Association of Clinical Biochemists (AACB) runs a series of webinars funded by the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia (RCPA) using Australian Government funding under the Specialist Training Program. The Webinar program covers a range of topics on a monthly basis and is designed to be interactive. AACB have generously agreed to share the recorded presentations with the IFCC eAcademy..

Laboratory Testing for Primary Aldosteronism in 2015: Current situation and important new developments

Prof Michael Stowasser     Dec 2015     Open ()
Keywords: aldosteronism endocrine hypertension

NSW Public Pathology, A New Era

Dr Gus Koerbin     Nov 2015     Open ()
Keywords: management pathology Australia

The Biochemistry and Physiology of Ammonia and its Clinical Importance

Dr Campbell Kyle     Oct 2015     Open ()
Keywords: Ammonia physiology liver


Prof Francis Bowling     Sep 2015     Open ()
Keywords: Metabolomics metabolism LCMS

Vitamin B12- a current active story

Dr Zhong Lu     Aug 2015     Open ()
Keywords: vitamin B12 transcobalamin interpretation

Interpretation of serial results (The Hitchhikers Guide)

Dr Graham White     Jul 2015     Open ()
Keywords: Reference Intervals results interpretation

Endocrine Hypertension

Dr Ee Mun Lim     Jun 2015     Open ()
Keywords: hypertension endocrinology mineralocorticoids catecholamines glucocorticoids

HBA1C and Diabetes

Steven Weier     May 2015     Open ()
Keywords: Diabetes standardization standardisation HBA1C

Paediatric Hypoglycaemia and the Laboratory

Dr Tina Yen     Apr 2015     Open ()
Keywords: Paediatrics Hypoglycaemia Insulin Glucose

The Beginners Guide to Molecular Biology

Dr Collette Bromhead     Mar 2015     Open ()
Keywords: DNA RNA PCR Molecular Biology

Introducing commutable material in the RCPA QAP Chemical Pathology

Sabrina Koetsier     Feb 2015     Open ()
Keywords: harmonisation harmonization standardisation standardization quality assurance

Quality in the Era of Laboratory Accreditation

Dr Peter Vervaart     Nov 2014     Open ()
Keywords: Accreditation quality management

Inpatient Management of Diabetes

A/Prof Ashim Sinha     Oct 2014     Open ()
Keywords: Diabetes glucose clinical management

Toxicology Tales

Helen Martin     Sep 2014     Open ()
Keywords: Toxicology Illicit drugs Accreditation

Confounding Factors for HbA1c Interpretation - with a Focus on Haemoglobinopathies

Prof Christopher Florkowski     Aug 2014     Open ()
Keywords: HBA1C Diabetes haemoglobinopathies

The Clinical Biochemistry of Sugar

Dr Ken Sikaris     Jul 2014     Open ()
Keywords: diabetes glucose clinical management

Biochemical Tests in the Investigation of Cushing’s Syndrome

Greg Ward     Jun 2014     Open ()
Keywords: cortisol ACTH dexamethasone

Meeting the LC-MS Needs of a High-Throughput Clinical Chemistry Lab

Mr Michael Wright     Apr 2014     Open ()
Keywords: UHPLC Mass spectrometry management

Result Validation - Correct or Not

Julie Ryan     Apr 2014     Open ()
Keywords: validation preanalytical analytics postanalytical preanalytics postanalytics

Blood gas, the basics. It's not that hard!

Prof Hugh Grantham     Mar 2014     Open ()
Keywords: Gases respiratory metabolic acid base

An Update on New Lipids Reporting Protocols

Dr David Sullivan     Feb 2014     Open ()
Keywords: lipids guidelines CVD

Allergy Testing - Advances and Pitfalls

Dr David Gilles     Oct 2013     Open ()
Keywords: allergy IgE RAST

Cases in Bone Metabolism

Dr Penelope Coates     Sep 2013     Open ()
Keywords: bone osteoporosis calcium phosphate

Data Mining for Reference Interval Confirmation - A Practical Approach

Assoc Prof Graham Jones     Jun 2013     Open ()
Keywords: Reference Intervals data mining statistics

Troponin in Acute Coronary Syndrome

Dr Louise Cullen     Nov 2012     Open ()
Keywords: troponin ACS clinical guidelines

Alpha 1 Antitrypsin

Dr Alan McNeil     Oct 2012     Open ()
Keywords: Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Deficiency alpha 1 antitrypsin lung disease liver disease

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

A/Prof Ross Norris     Sep 2012     Open ()
Keywords: TDM Pharmacokinetics drugs

Update on HbA1c

Assoc Prof Graham Jones     Aug 2012     Open ()
Keywords: HBA1C Diabetes standardisation standardization