AACB Webinars 29 modules

The Australasian Association of Clinical Biochemists (AACB) runs a series of webinars funded by the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia (RCPA) using Australian Government funding under the Specialist Training Program. The Webinar program covers a range of topics on a monthly basis and is designed to be interactive. AACB have generously agreed to share the recorded presentations with the IFCC eAcademy..

Update on HbA1c

Assoc Prof Graham Jones     Aug 2012     Open ()
Keywords: HBA1C Diabetes standardisation standardization

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

A/Prof Ross Norris     Sep 2012     Open ()
Keywords: TDM Pharmacokinetics drugs

Alpha 1 Antitrypsin

Dr Alan McNeil     Oct 2012     Open ()
Keywords: Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Deficiency alpha 1 antitrypsin lung disease liver disease

Troponin in Acute Coronary Syndrome

Dr Louise Cullen     Nov 2012     Open ()
Keywords: troponin ACS clinical guidelines

Data Mining for Reference Interval Confirmation - A Practical Approach

Assoc Prof Graham Jones     Jun 2013     Open ()
Keywords: Reference Intervals data mining statistics

Understanding Basic Quality Control

Dr Tony Badrick     Aug 2013     Open ()
Keywords: quality control quality assurance error

Cases in Bone Metabolism

Dr Penelope Coates     Sep 2013     Open ()
Keywords: bone osteoporosis calcium phosphate

Allergy Testing - Advances and Pitfalls

Dr David Gilles     Oct 2013     Open ()
Keywords: allergy IgE RAST

An Update on New Lipids Reporting Protocols

Dr David Sullivan     Feb 2014     Open ()
Keywords: lipids guidelines CVD

Blood gas, the basics. It's not that hard!

Prof Hugh Grantham     Mar 2014     Open ()
Keywords: Gases respiratory metabolic acid base

Meeting the LC-MS Needs of a High-Throughput Clinical Chemistry Lab

Mr Michael Wright     Apr 2014     Open ()
Keywords: UHPLC Mass spectrometry management

Result Validation - Correct or Not

Julie Ryan     Apr 2014     Open ()
Keywords: validation preanalytical analytics postanalytical preanalytics postanalytics

Biochemical Tests in the Investigation of Cushing’s Syndrome

Greg Ward     Jun 2014     Open ()
Keywords: cortisol ACTH dexamethasone

The Clinical Biochemistry of Sugar

Dr Ken Sikaris     Jul 2014     Open ()
Keywords: diabetes glucose clinical management

Confounding Factors for HbA1c Interpretation - with a Focus on Haemoglobinopathies

Prof Christopher Florkowski     Aug 2014     Open ()
Keywords: HBA1C Diabetes haemoglobinopathies

Toxicology Tales

Helen Martin     Sep 2014     Open ()
Keywords: Toxicology Illicit drugs Accreditation

Inpatient Management of Diabetes

A/Prof Ashim Sinha     Oct 2014     Open ()
Keywords: Diabetes glucose clinical management

Quality in the Era of Laboratory Accreditation

Dr Peter Vervaart     Nov 2014     Open ()
Keywords: Accreditation quality management

Introducing commutable material in the RCPA QAP Chemical Pathology

Sabrina Koetsier     Feb 2015     Open ()
Keywords: harmonisation harmonization standardisation standardization quality assurance

The Beginners Guide to Molecular Biology

Dr Collette Bromhead     Mar 2015     Open ()
Keywords: DNA RNA PCR Molecular Biology

Paediatric Hypoglycaemia and the Laboratory

Dr Tina Yen     Apr 2015     Open ()
Keywords: Paediatrics Hypoglycaemia Insulin Glucose

HBA1C and Diabetes

Steven Weier     May 2015     Open ()
Keywords: Diabetes standardization standardisation HBA1C

Endocrine Hypertension

Dr Ee Mun Lim     Jun 2015     Open ()
Keywords: hypertension endocrinology mineralocorticoids catecholamines glucocorticoids

Interpretation of serial results (The Hitchhikers Guide)

Dr Graham White     Jul 2015     Open ()
Keywords: Reference Intervals results interpretation

Vitamin B12- a current active story

Dr Zhong Lu     Aug 2015     Open ()
Keywords: vitamin B12 transcobalamin interpretation


Prof Francis Bowling     Sep 2015     Open ()
Keywords: Metabolomics metabolism LCMS

The Biochemistry and Physiology of Ammonia and its Clinical Importance

Dr Campbell Kyle     Oct 2015     Open ()
Keywords: Ammonia physiology liver

NSW Public Pathology, A New Era

Dr Gus Koerbin     Nov 2015     Open ()
Keywords: management pathology Australia

Laboratory Testing for Primary Aldosteronism in 2015: Current situation and important new developments

Prof Michael Stowasser     Dec 2015     Open ()
Keywords: aldosteronism endocrine hypertension