COVID -19 and Laboratory Medicine Role in Georgia

This IFCC webinar will discuss how laboratory medicine has met the challenges posed by the medical field during the Covid-19 pandemic. The webinar was prepared with the support of GLMA (Georgian Association of Laboratory Medicine).

1. Hospital Medical Laboratory Organization Experience for COVID-19 Pandemic: In the Covid-19 pandemic crisis, the Georgian government, at the first stage, set a strategic priority to staff the Border Republic Hospital as soon as possible and announced full mobilization! The webinar chronologically describes the processes and their accompanying epidemic situation in the country, support from state and partner international organizations and results obtained by the laboratory service team, and future plans.

2.  Laboratory Diagnosis of COVID 19 Currents Issues and Challenges in Georgia.The COVID-19 has had an important impact on clinical laboratories in Georgia during the past two years. Developed molecular diagnostic tools actively implemented in the clinical lab and determine the strategy to fight COVID 19. Importance of preanalytical stage increased - collecting the proper respiratory tract specimen at the right time from the right anatomic site is essential for a prompt and accurate molecular diagnosis of COVID-19. During the analytical stage, RT-PCR assays remain the molecular test of choice for the etiologic diagnosisof SARS-CoV-2 active infection while antibody-based techniques are being introduced as supplemental tools. Different approaches were implemented in the active phase including syndromic diagnosis using the multiplex PCR to cover the population and also other clinical conditions except COVID 19. In the post-analytical stage, testing results are carefully interpreted using both molecular and serological findings. Random access, integrated devices with scalable capacities facilitate the rapid and accurate diagnosis and monitoring of SARS-CoV-2 infections and greatly assist in the control of this outbreak.

3. Relationship between Lactate and C-reactive Protein in post-Covid-19 Patients. COVID-19 fibrosis is one of the complications of COVID-19 pneumonia. It is estimated to be prevalent in around one-third of COVID-19 infected hospitalized patients. In Post-covid -19 patients was studied CBC+dif, ventilatory parameters in blood PH, pCO2, pO2, HCO3, anion gap, lactate, LDH,CRP and haptoglobin.  A correlation between lactate, CRP, and haptoglobin was found.  Results should be only considered as acontribution to a better understanding of the physiopathology of COVID-19-induced lung injury.

The International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine.

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