The following Webinars are available:

Children’s Reference Intervals

Dr Michael Metz †     Aug 2016     Open ()
Keywords: children Reference Intervals TFPLM

MS fractions in Toxicology

Dr Danijela Kocic     Sep 2016     Open ()
Keywords: Mass spectometry Toxicology

Introduction to clinical high resolution accurate mass MS

Prof Stefan Grebe     Sep 2016     Open ()
Keywords: Mass spectrometry high resolution MS

Breast Milk- Saliva interaction and salivary purines

Dr John Duley     Sep 2016     Open ()
Keywords: Mass spectrometry breast milk saliva purines

Top-Down determination of serum insulin-like growth factors By LC-MS

Dr Richard Kam     Sep 2016     Open ()
Keywords: mas LC-MSMS IGF-I IGF-II peptides endocrinology

A hitchhiker's guide for setting up a routine LC-MS/MS laboratory - The Bolzano experience

Prof Markus Herrmann     Sep 2016     Open ()
Keywords: mass LC-MSMS kit methods

Ethics in Laboratory Medicine

Ann Gronowski     Feb 2016     Open ()
Keywords: ethics history of ethics ethics code Helsinki declaration Nuremburg code Common code Belmont report informed consent preanalytical analytical phase postanalytical code of ethics

Traceability in laboratory medicine: a driver for accurate results for patient care

Dr Graham Beastall     Jan 2017     Open ()
Keywords: Accurate results metrological traceability global collaboration JCTLM

Ethics Education

Jon Johannes Jonsson     Jan 2017     Open ()
Keywords: ethics ethics education training medical ethics research ethics business ethics professional ethics

Standardization and Harmonization

Prof Elvar Theodorsson     Mar 2017     Open ()
Keywords: standardization harmonisation total testing chain JCTLM