The following Webinars are available:

Human Health and Vitamin D; Why vitamin D trials and meta analyses often indicate negative results

Prof Howard Morris †     Sep 2015     Open ()
Keywords: 25 hydroxy vitamin D clinical trials vitamin supplementation

Calcium Sensing Receptor - Making Sense of Calcium Regulation

Prof Arthur Conigrave     Sep 2015     Open ()

Getting the right answer to manage the patient - the importance of traceability

Assoc Prof Graham Jones     Sep 2015     Open ()
Keywords: traceability metrology creatinine uncertainty of measurement JCTLM harmonization insulin standardization

Medical Laboratory accreditation: What is it and why is it important

Dr Graham Beastall     Jan 2016     Open ()
Keywords: Accreditation ISO15189:2012

Publication Ethics

Anthony Newman     Mar 2016     Open ()
Keywords: publication ethics ethics plagerism research integrity

Thyroglobulin Measurement

Prof Carole Spencer     Mar 2016     Open ()
Keywords: Thyroglobulin (Tg) measurement Tg autoantibodies interferences differentiated thyroid cancer monitoring

Development and Validation of Cortisol-Cortisone LCMSMS

Ms Kartika Sari Henry     May 2016     Open ()
Keywords: LC-MSMS Method Validation Mass spectrometry

Thyroid Function Assays

Prof Carole Spencer     May 2016     Open ()
Keywords: Thyroid Physiology Assays Clinical Utility interferences

Evidence Based Laboratory Medicine - Diagnostic accuracy studies and sources of bias

Prof Christopher Florkowski     Aug 2016     Open ()
Keywords: Evidence based laboratory medicine bias appraisal

Evidence Based Laboratory Medicine - What is it and why do we need it?

Prof Christopher Florkowski     Aug 2016     Open ()
Keywords: study design EBLM guidelines