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Interpretation of serial results (The Hitchhikers Guide)

Dr Graham White     Jul 2015     Open ()
Keywords: Reference Intervals results interpretation

Vitamin B12- a current active story

Dr Zhong Lu     Aug 2015     Open ()
Keywords: vitamin B12 transcobalamin interpretation


Prof Francis Bowling     Sep 2015     Open ()
Keywords: Metabolomics metabolism LCMS

Models to set measurement performance requirements

Prof Sverre Sandberg     Oct 2015     Open ()
Keywords: analytical performance specifications Milan hierarchy clinical outcome biological variation state of the art

The Biochemistry and Physiology of Ammonia and its Clinical Importance

Dr Campbell Kyle     Oct 2015     Open ()
Keywords: Ammonia physiology liver

NSW Public Pathology, A New Era

Dr Gus Koerbin     Nov 2015     Open ()
Keywords: management pathology Australia

Management of Quality in the Pre-Analytical Phase

Kjell Grankvist     Nov 2015     Open ()
Keywords: preanalytical CLSI guideline audits phlebotomy

Laboratory Testing for Primary Aldosteronism in 2015: Current situation and important new developments

Prof Michael Stowasser     Dec 2015     Open ()
Keywords: aldosteronism endocrine hypertension

Non-fasting lipid profiles: implications for lipoprotein measurement and reporting

Prof Michel Langlois     Jun 2016     Open ()
Keywords: lipids cholesterol triglycerides

The estimate of measurement uncertainty

Ilenia Infusino     May 2016     Open ()
Keywords: uncertainty of measurement traceability measurement uncertainty