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Result Validation - Correct or Not

Julie Ryan     Apr 2014     Open ()
Keywords: validation preanalytical analytics postanalytical preanalytics postanalytics

Biochemical Tests in the Investigation of Cushing’s Syndrome

Greg Ward     Jun 2014     Open ()
Keywords: cortisol ACTH dexamethasone

The Clinical Biochemistry of Sugar

Dr Ken Sikaris     Jul 2014     Open ()
Keywords: diabetes glucose clinical management

Confounding Factors for HbA1c Interpretation - with a Focus on Haemoglobinopathies

Prof Christopher Florkowski     Aug 2014     Open ()
Keywords: HBA1C Diabetes haemoglobinopathies

Toxicology Tales

Helen Martin     Sep 2014     Open ()
Keywords: Toxicology Illicit drugs Accreditation

Inpatient Management of Diabetes

A/Prof Ashim Sinha     Oct 2014     Open ()
Keywords: Diabetes glucose clinical management

Quality in the Era of Laboratory Accreditation

Dr Peter Vervaart     Nov 2014     Open ()
Keywords: Accreditation quality management

Comprehensive dyslipidemia testing beyond the “good” and “bad” cholesterol

Prof Michel Langlois     Feb 2015     Open ()
Keywords: dyslipidaemia guidelines total cholesterol triglycerides HDL-C LDL-C VLDL-C Apo B Lipoprotein(a) lipid profiling non-fasting lipid profiles metabolic syndrome

Introducing commutable material in the RCPA QAP Chemical Pathology

Sabrina Koetsier     Feb 2015     Open ()
Keywords: harmonisation harmonization standardisation standardization quality assurance

Harmonization in Laboratory Medicine

Prof Mario Plebani     Mar 2015     Open ()
Keywords: harmonisation harmonization standardisation standardization patient safety analytical phase traceability metrology ISO17511:2003 commutability uncertainty of measurement bone turnover makers