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The Importance of Traceability

Assoc Prof Graham Jones     Jun 2015     Open ()
Keywords: standardisation traceability reference procedures certified reference materials JCTLM

Getting the right answer to manage the patient - the importance of traceability

Assoc Prof Graham Jones     Sep 2015     Open ()
Keywords: traceability metrology creatinine uncertainty of measurement JCTLM harmonization insulin standardization

Traceability in laboratory medicine: a driver for accurate results for patient care

Dr Graham Beastall     Jan 2017     Open ()
Keywords: Accurate results metrological traceability global collaboration JCTLM

Basic traceability chains

Dr. Jeanita Pritchett     Jul 2017     Open ()
Keywords: quality comparability calibration value assignment reference validation uncertainty traceability JCTLM

Basics of traceability applied to laboratory medicine

Anja Kessler     Jul 2017     Open ()
Keywords: metrological traceability calibrators reference materials reference measurement procedure JCTLM reference measurement system

Metrological traceability / Reference Materials

Dr. Melina Pérez-Urquiza     Aug 2021     Open ()
Keywords: Metrological traceability Reference Materials Clinical laboratory

Examples of reference measurement procedures

Dr. Jeanita Pritchett     Jul 2017     Open ()
Keywords: standardisation traceability reference materials validation calibration JCTLM characterization

Traceable and commutable calibrators

David Ducroq     May 2017     Open ()
Keywords: calibration standardization traceability commutability JCTLM

How mass spectrometry supports standardization

Dr Ronda Greaves     Jun 2019     Open ()
Keywords: Mass spectrometry traceability standardisation Immunoassays

Harmonization in Laboratory Medicine

Prof Mario Plebani     Mar 2015     Open ()
Keywords: harmonisation harmonization standardisation standardization patient safety analytical phase traceability metrology ISO17511:2003 commutability uncertainty of measurement bone turnover marker