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Addressing Health Disparities Highlighted by the COVID-19 Pandemic

Joe Wiencek     Oct 2021     Open ()
Keywords: Health COVID-19 pandemic COVID-19 Pandemic Ethics

Hospital Medical Laboratory Organization Experience for COVID-19 Pandemic

Ekaterine Kupatadze     Mar 2022     Open ()
Keywords: COVID -19 Laboratory Medicine Georgia Hospital Medical Laboratory Organization Experience Pandemic

Point of Care Testing- coming of age in COVID-19 pandemic

Dr. Sohini Sengupta     Jul 2021     Open ()
Keywords: covid19test hometesting Antigentest Rapidtest LAMP CRISPR POCT

Some unique ethical challenges arising from clinical practice with Australia's remote-dwelling Aboriginal people

Richard Davey     Oct 2021     Open ()
Keywords: Aboriginal people ethical challenges clinical practice Australia's remote-dwelling

Ethical concerns and requirements regarding the use of COVID-19 diagnostic samples for research

Federico Remes Lenicov     Oct 2021     Open ()
Keywords: COVID-19 Ethical concerns Ethics diagnostic research

A primer on Alzheimer’s neuropathology and current treatments

Haakon B. Nygaard     Oct 2021     Open ()
Keywords: Alzheimer neuropathology current treatments primer

Clinical implementation of CSF biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease

Mari DeMarco     Oct 2021     Open ()
Keywords: clinical outcome CSF biomarkers Alzheimer’s disease

Blood-based biomarkers of Alzheimer’s disease

Melissa Budelier     Oct 2021     Open ()
Keywords: Blood-based biomarkers biomarkers Alzheimer’s disease Alzheimer

Increasing the testing capacity for SARS-CoV-2 molecular detection by specimen pooling: a practical guide for diagnostic centers

Daniel Cruceriu     Sep 2021     Open ()
Keywords: SARS-CoV-2 molecular detection Diagnostics

Specialist role in analytical phase of laboratory diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2

Mirela Ahmadi     Sep 2021     Open ()
Keywords: laboratory diagnosis Diagnostics SARS-CoV-2 analytical phase