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Metrological traceability of measurements in the clinical laboratory

Raul Girardi     Jul 2022     Open ()
Keywords: Traceability of measurements quality laboratory accreditation Metrological traceability clinical laboratory

Thyroglobulin Measurement

Prof Carole Spencer     Mar 2016     Open ()
Keywords: Thyroglobulin (Tg) measurement Tg autoantibodies interferences differentiated thyroid cancer monitoring

Estimation of the uncertainty of measurement in the clinical laboratory

Raul Girardi     Aug 2021     Open ()
Keywords: uncertainty of measurement metrology Clinical Laboratory

Laboratory measurement of glucose

Greg Ward     Oct 2021     Open ()
Keywords: glucose dysglycaemia Laboratory measurement

Quality control considerations for IVD of transfusion transmitted disease

Amadeo Sáez-Alquezar     Jul 2022     Open ()
Keywords: Traceability of measurements quality laboratory Accreditation quality control IVD transfusion transmitted disease

Accreditation in Latin America with the ISO 15189 Standard

María del Carmen Pasquel Carrera     Jul 2022     Open ()
Keywords: Traceability of measurements quality Accreditation laboratory Clinical Laboratory Latin America ISO 15189

Assigning Reference Values with Low Measurement Uncertainties using LC-MS/MS and GC-MS Methods

Dr Veronica Vamathevan     Sep 2013     Open ()
Keywords: Mass spectrometry Webinars Educational Material Analytical Principles

Getting the right answer to manage the patient - the importance of traceability

Assoc Prof Graham Jones     Sep 2015     Open ()
Keywords: traceability metrology creatinine uncertainty of measurement JCTLM harmonization insulin standardization

Examples of reference measurement procedures

Dr. Jeanita Pritchett     Jul 2017     Open ()
Keywords: standardisation traceability reference materials validation calibration JCTLM characterization

Basics of traceability applied to laboratory medicine

Anja Kessler     Jul 2017     Open ()
Keywords: metrological traceability calibrators reference materials reference measurement procedure JCTLM reference measurement system