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Addressing Health Disparities Highlighted by the COVID-19 Pandemic

Joe Wiencek     Oct 2021     Open ()
Keywords: Health COVID-19 pandemic COVID-19 Pandemic Ethics

Inequities in SARS-CoV2 Test Positivity in the United States

Henrietta Fasanya     May 2022     Open ()
Keywords: Health Inequities Laboratory Medicine SARS-CoV2 Test SARS-CoV2 Positivity

Ethical dilemmas involved in risk stratification and resource allocation

Sudip Kumar Datta     May 2022     Open ()
Keywords: Health Inequities laboratory medicine Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Deficiency risk stratification ethics resource allocation

Ethical issues in access to effective cancer diagnostic and treatment technologies

Angela Amayo     May 2022     Open ()
Keywords: Health Inequities laboratory medicine Ethical issues ethics cancer diagnostic treatment technologies

Biochemical Assessment of Bone Health

Dr Ee Mun Lim     Sep 2015     Open ()
Keywords: bone PTH 25 hydroxy vitamin D endocrine bone turnover marker

Human Health and Vitamin D; Why vitamin D trials and meta analyses often indicate negative results

Prof Howard Morris †     Sep 2015     Open ()
Keywords: 25 hydroxy vitamin D clinical trials vitamin supplementation

Health economic evaluation of medical tests: translating laboratory information into value

Paul Juelicher     Nov 2020     Open ()
Keywords: Laboratory Services Patient care Impact of Lab Med Evidence based laboratory medicine

Consequences of Laboratory 4.0 for clinical practice in medical laboratories: present and future

Dr Michael Neumaier     Aug 2021     Open ()
Keywords: Laboratory 4.0 clinical practice medical laboratories diagnostic medicine laboratory tests Analytics DIC health care system disease care system prevent medicine Artificial intelligence

The advantages/disadvantages of Laboratory 4.0 in communication between laboratories and their clients

Dr Snežana Jovičić     Aug 2021     Open ()
Keywords: Laboratory 4.0 advantages/disadvantages laboratories/clients digital health clinical laboratory mobile medical laboratory medicine Health Space electronic health